Constructive interviews
Strength-based Research
Constructive interviews

Continuous dialogue with stakeholders is imperative for all organizations. Still, they often lack insights from their various stakeholders on their expectations, needs, wishes and interests – information needed to make better decisions that benefit all. In addition, stakeholder dialogue builds trust and creates an open and positive atmosphere that enables good results and high-quality operations.

Cathrine Gyldensted is the world’s first Director of Constructive Journalism and serves at the University of Applied Sciences, Windesheim, Netherlands. She has described constructive journalism as adding a solution-oriented framework to topics of high relevance for the society. The concept conveys a productive perspective about the future and our ability to get there. This is a form of journalism that is critical but never cynical and inquire about recourses, collaborations and, solutions. The aim is always to portray the world more adequately.

Interviewing vulnerable individuals is a key component of many of the stakeholder dialogues Lumen Behavior conducts. By doing interviews in a constructive manner, inspired by Cathrine Gyldensted's world-leading research, we make use of the journalistic skills it takes to find unique and relevant stories about individuals and find the potential for change.

Stakeholder dialogues may look different, and depending on context – but are always guided by empathy and active listening to the person telling her story. Small contributions to the conversation with information that might be overlooked as unimportant – is often quite the opposite.

One example is when we, as an effort to understand how people with the need for personal assistance experience their everyday lives, were invited to Madeleine's home. She depends on personal assistance due to a disability. During the conversation, she shared that cooking has always been a great passion of hers – even though she lacks the capacity to cook by herself nowadays. Information like this might seem trivial but is actually of great importance. This information about what she enjoys and value is a powerful tool in supporting her in leading a meaningful and fulfilling life.

To be invited to learn about customers lives are important and based on trust. To meet people – our client's customer, employees, and other stakeholders – of all walks of life, hear and tell their stories for improved life quality is truly a privilege.