About lumen behavior

Lumen Behavior is a boutique consulting firm born out of the authentic desire amongst an increasing number of business leaders to shape a brighter future of human well-being. Through applied research, impact assessments, sustainability reporting and by supporting processes aimed at creating meaningful work we bring forward unique knowledge about people and their context so that executives can make the right decisions.



“Organizations are not, at their core, problems to be solved. Just the opposite. Every organization was created as a solution designed in its own time to meet a challenge or satisfy a need of society”
David Cooperrider  

By identifying what is strong in an organization, leaders can harness the qualities to create lasting positive change - focusing not only on explanations for yesterday's reality but rather finding the best opportunities for the future.

• Drawing on the concepts of Appreciative Inquiry, we conduct research projects with methods carefully tailored for our client's purpose and goals. Our research provides leaders with information to strengthen the decision-making process from stakeholders throughout the value chain.

• We have a strong theoretical anchoring and combine knowledge from several different fields. Our success factor is that we are close to the clients by understanding her strengths and her opportunities.


Lumen Behavior has proven experience as a reporting partner for both companies and nonprofit organizations. Our impact and sustainability reporting offerings are based on three concepts:

• Both in the EU Directive on disclosure of non-financial information and diversity and in national policy it is recommended that sustainability reports are prepared in accordance with established frameworks. GRI, Global Reporting Initiative, is highlighted as a good example of such framework. Lumen Behavior's staff is certified by GRI and has undergone training in London in how to use the new GRI standards.

• We have extensive experience of stakeholder dialogues. Our strength lies in our ability to host dialogues in different contexts throughout the value chain. This means that we have provided our clients with valuable information from customers, consumers, employees and other relevant stakeholders who reside outside of the rooms were decisions are made.  

• Our method is inspired by Appreciative Inquiry. This means that we seek our client's potential for future positive impact by looking at their strengths. This method enables us to provide a balanced and transparent image in which development areas become visible in a constructive manner.

A meaningful work environment

Our mission is to develop knowledge about people and their context, and are passionate about ensuring higher wellbeing for employees at all levels.

Wellbeing is a multi-faceted concept. To make sure employees perform well over time, managers must both track the wellbeing of employees, understand their strengths and enable them to practice resilience.

Lumen Behavior provides analysis as well as support to develop capacities amongst employees in new ways.


Lumen Behavior navigates our world and work by living our three core values:

Citizenship ensures that we are driven by a sense of responsibility towards our world, communities and team. We are loyal, dedicated, and are fostering a compassionate and gritty culture where we work hard to fulfill Lumen Behaviors mission.

Creativity allows us to seek new knowledge and solutions that enable lasting positive change.  Through being aware of client needs as well as the shared global challenges affecting humanity, we find new paths that lead to public wellbeing and human flourishing.

Positivity is the key that allows leaders to be mindful, compassionate and open to creating a brighter future, as well as a tool to pass bias and find true knowledge to make a change. Positivity is also a part of human flourishing, and an aim in itself as we strive to create an equal and empowered world.

a part of srey group

Srey is a value driven investor group. Srey is pushing the shift towards holistic value creation of corporation by investing in companies like Lumen Behavior and by supporting research done by the non-profit Inter Business Initiative.