About lumen behavior

As we enter 2020, we are not only entering a new decade but a new era. The world is changing every day and in ways we couldn’t predict only a few years ago. Boarders are being erased both between countries and between sectors. We collaborate daily across industries and across continents. This new context is changing the skills we need as businesses and organizations both to understand our own place in the world and how to optimize our operations to build sustainable organizations that create value for diverse stakeholders.  

We need to be able to act quickly without losing sight of our purpose. We need to be able to understand complex value chains without losing our ability to act. We need to be able to listen to the individuals within our operations, understand them and act on those insights.  

Lumen Behavior helps businesses and organizations navigate this new reality and develop their operations in strategic ways.


We provide custom-designed solutions for each client which can involve one or more of the following areas. Within each area, our focus is to develop long-lasting abilities within the client organization rather than one-off solutions.

Learning and Evaluation
We conduct program or project evaluations, measuring and sharing results in order to advance dialogue and decisions resulting in actionable change. We measure and articulate progress towards achieving outcomes and impact for our clients as well as design learning and evaluation systems that collect and share information.

Research and Insights
We support our clients to leverage knowledge through external research of a wide range of topics. These insights empower our clients to understand changing contexts and systems, driving informed decisions. We combine qualitative and quantitative research and present our findings in creative ways to meet the specific needs of diverse audiences.

Stakeholder Dialogues
We conduct stakeholder dialogues based on empathy with both internal and external stakeholder groups, setting up practices for continued stakeholder empathy in relationships. We combine qualitative and quantitative research methods to answer key questions with a client-driven approach that incorporates inputs from diverse stakeholders.

Organizational Development
We work with organizations and businesses to advance strategic planning through a lens of sustainability and solution-based thinking. We support our clients to discover new insights and strategic approached that align actions for impact. We help plan and implement specific transformation or change processes, equipping the organization to be able to continuously understand and meet new changes in the operating context.


Lumen Behavior started out with a mission to understand what are the crucial skills and abilities that an organization needs to have to meet the future in a sustainable way. Through research and practical work, we identified four organizational abilities that businesses and organizations need to be able to master to run sustainable operations in the coming decades. These fours abilities are purpose, systems approach, empathy, and transformation. The research work has been branched off into our sister organization the non-profit knowledge lab Inter Business Initiative. But Lumen Behavior carries this knowledge in our work, developing these abilities with our clients.

Purpose is at the core of all value-driven work. It answers the question of what an organization is and value they contribute to their context. A company’s true purpose is rarely profit-making, but more often providing services or products to the community they work in. The purpose of a company needs to be clear and present in decisions and actions in all their operations. It shows the connection between the business, society and people, and highlights how are all interconnected and dependent on each other to flourish.

Empathy in an organization is the understanding that knowledge exists in the relationships. Being able to address the interests of stakeholders and walking in their shoes is priceless for companies in all industries. Products and services are being developed to improve people’s lives,and understanding empathy is fundamental to a successful and responsible business. A company that works successfully with Empathy has it present in relationships throughout the value chain – from distributors, to employees, to customers,and to society in general. It is not just listening and taking in information but understanding and respecting the individuals and being able to act on the insights.  

System Approach is needed to navigate operations in a fast-changing world. It is the ability of a company to understand their own role in a system, our common challenges and how they are connected. Many of the problems encountered by society today are a result of decisions taken with limited insight into the possible consequences. More and more stakeholders at all levels expect more of corporate action and system strategy is a key component to make sure that we are going from what we consider to be the best today to tomorrow’s practice. 

Transformation is the ability to adapt the operations to the fast-changing context. The changes today are faster than ever before with digitization, globalization, political change and challenged financial markets.In order to be able to adapt, companies need to handle these ever-changing landscapes by constantly learning new things and organizing themselves based on the current situation. Transformation involves a new form of problem solving, necessary to navigate and break new grounds.

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Srey is a value driven investor group. Srey is pushing the shift towards holistic value creation of corporation by investing in companies like Lumen Behavior and by supporting research done by the non-profit Inter Business Initiative.