Lumen Behavior is driven by a passion to shape a brighter future of human wellbeing. We bring forward unique knowledge about people and their context, through applied research, education, quality evaluation, impact reporting and stakeholder dialogue to help business leaders make the right decisions.

In September 2017 Evelina Fredriksson took over as CEO of Lumen Behavior. The webpage is being updated but she is happy to answer any questions.

Evelina Fredriksson
Skype: evelina_lmn
Instagram: kembelsmamma
Sweden: +4670 2251498
WatsApp: +4670 2251498
Cambodia: +855 78245533

A part of Srey Group

Srey is a value driven investor group. Srey is pushing the shift towards holistic value creation of corporation by investing in companies like Lumen Behavior and by supporting research done by the non-profit Inter Business Initiative.